Week one is in the books and with only a couple of exceptions, most of the games were complete blow outs. I’m going to go through each game and give my thoughts on what should play out.

Bears vs Packers – My biggest takeaway is that the Bears have no idea what they are doing on offense. David Montgomery had 0 chance to get into a groove and Mike Davis was used way too much. The only constant on that offense is that Tarik Cohen will be a safe play week in week out. While the Bears defense is elite, the Packers offense still did not look up to par. While it’s not time to panic at all, it’s always good to have a backup plan with your Packers starters. I don’t think Rodgers will hit 30 touchdowns this year.

Chiefs vs Jaguars – Don’t have to take away much from the Chiefs as they absolutely destroyed a top 5 defense. The Jaguars on the other hand are interesting. Their brand new(yet old) quarterback is done for the season after one touchdown pass and now a no name backup is their starter. While he played well you have to realize that the Chiefs defense last year was poor and while upgraded its mediocre at best. Fournette remains a boom or bust fantasy option. DJ Chark looked like a complete stud and is worth a stash in dynasty leagues and deep leagues. Minshew is worth a stash but I would not count on a repeat performance like that.

Falcons vs Vikings – This is classic Matt Ryan. It happens year in and year out. Start extremely slow. Then have a solid year. Don’t panic. Falcons offense in general should be fine, this includes Freeman. You can’t forget that the Vikings defense is a complete force so this was an uphill battle all along. There IS something to be worried about with the Vikings though. If the running game continues to be as productive as it looked this game, Theilen and Diggs owners should panic. 2 guys that could both be considered WR1’s barely get any receptions in a blow out win, but both running backs look unstoppable? Might be a selling time for Vikings wideouts.

Titans vs Browns – This game might be less a testament to how bad the Browns player but more to how great the Titans played. Mariota and Henry took advantage of the tired Browns defense and made the fantasy world very happy. Baker did not. After losing his starting left tackle, and then his second string, Baker was shook. Even after being shook he still put up double digit numbers and gave Landry and OBJ decent numbers for a rough loss. This might be the best thing to happen to the Browns as they are now back down to earth. Expect a huge bounce back week 2 against a struggling Jets defense, especially if Mosley is out.

Bills vs Jets – Speaking of the Jets… in true NYJ fashion, up 16-0, they gave up 17 points to lose to Josh Allen and the Bills. While Allen’s stat sheet looked pretty terrible, his play wasn’t. He rallied from tipped ball interceptions and 4 offensive turnovers to put his team on his back and get them the W. The real story is rookie Devin Singletary. 4 carries for 70 yards while veteran Frank Gore finished with a 1.8 ypc stat line. Singletary won’t only be used more, he will be an RB1 going forward. On the Jets side, it was good to see Bell being using a lot in the passing game as I predicted. This will be the main source of points from bell as, while he got a ton of carries, he was not as effective in the run game. Bell remains an RB1 and Crowder a WR3 with 2 upside.

Ravens vs Dolphins – Dolphins bad. Get Brown in every league.

Redskins vs Eagles – A laughable collapse by the Redskins gives Carson Wentz and Allen Robinson an incredible game. Rookie Miles Sanders should be given more praise as he had a decent sized touchdown taken away from him due to another rookies holding mistake. The real story is how well Case Keenum played and the incredible play of Terry McLaurin. McLaurin finished with 125 yards and a touchdown and was looked at down the field in every deep attempt. Grab him. Guice seemed to hurt his knee but not his surgically repaired knee so this is something to be “happy” about. Guice did not seem himself this game. Hold him, hope he stays healthy.

Rams vs Panthers – This is the game I wanted to talk about most. McCaffrey is as I projected. The wideouts, almost irrelevant this game. Newton, laughable. If McCaffrey continues to produce like this then Cam will not be relevant. His shoulder isn’t fully healed and it shows in his throws. I’d be wary starting him going forward. The Rams offense looked sloppy as well. Goff not finding Cooks on multiple plays shows why at least one preseason game is good to get the flow of the game back. Now, everyone has been saying to me “you told me Malcolm Brown wasn’t worth drafting what the heckin heck, man”, I still stand by this. This was a fluke. Gurley is an every down back and the starting offense played 0 preseason snaps. Next week you will see an uptick in Gurleys workload and almost all the goal line touches. Fax that.

Colts vs Chargers – This game shut me up honestly. I wanted to stay away from all Colts since Luck retired but, fantasy wise, Mack and Hilton truly still had some good production and looked like viable fantasy options. With Funchess out, Hilton should remain a WR1. I’ll keep this short and sweet for the Chargers. Melvin Gordon isn’t getting paid.

Bengal vs Seahawks – New number new player. John Ross looked incredible, as did Dalton in this surprisingly great game against the Seahawks. While Mixon nurses another injury, Gio is a must have. The Bengals May have more fantasy implications than we thought. Seattle looked sloppy but effective in this win. Carson put up solid numbers and DK looked like a veteran. Wilson will be looking his way a lot it seems. Lockett is still a WR2 but be wary as he didn’t get one look up until the fourth quarter.

Giants vs Cowboys – I am not eating crow. I still believe Cooper will get hurt this season or play hurt and not be as effective. Also, the Giants secondary was laughable. Gallup though, I was not surprised by. Don’t expect this outcome every week from Dak. The Giants will be coming from behind all season. Barkley is still the only option I’d want to own on the Giants.

49ers vs Buccaneers – Things that died this game: Tevin Coleman’s ankle and Dante Pettis’s hype. Brieda is the starter moving forward and Kittle seems to be the only viable receiver on the 9ers. Only two who should be owned in 12 man and lower leagues from the 9ers. The only bright spot for the Buccs was(surprisingly) the running game. Jones averaged 5.8 ypc and led the Buccaneers. Jameis looked, for lack of a better word, bad but did get a couple touchdowns to Cameron Brate called back. Fantasy wise, Godwin will be the safest bet receiving wise and Evans will look book or bust weekly as long as Winston is behind center.

Lions vs Cardinals – What a game this was. Stafford looked like the QB1 he is and Hockenson played like an absolute monster. While it was against a terrible team, the offense just seemed to click. Kyler Murray is talented and a fighter. He ended up being a solid fantasy start and this also bodes well for David Johnson as he put up a monster game. I’ll end with me telling you this… as long as Fitz is in a uniform, he will produce.

Steelers vs Patriots – Patriots defense is top 3 and probably the most overlooked. They destroyed that offense. Nothing more to say about it. Sony Michel got the bulk of the work but couldn’t do a thing, but expect a huge bounce back this week. This offense might be the best offense in the league and they just added Antonio Brown. Poor Miami…

Texans vs Saints – Easily the game of the week and possibly of the year already. Everyone you expected to do well played great so I’ll only go over some surprises. Murray seemed to play the Ingram role very well and looks to be a solid flex option moving. Forward. Duke Johnson is a must own and must start weekly now. Will Fuller will continue to be a threat until his hamstring blows out. Both teams will be playoff teams.

Broncos vs Raiders – The only positive takeaway I can take from the Broncos is that Flacco’s are looked powerful. The Raiders on the other hand I couldn’t be more happy for. They looked nearly unstoppable. Jacobs is going to be a top 5 back and Tyrell will be a top 15 wideout. The o line stopped Chubb and Miller all game and didn’t give up one sack. The Raiders are back.