So I wanted to do a short post about a few big names who went to new teams and what should be expected of them. I’m going to keep this short and sweet but as unbiased as possible(as per usual).

Leveon Bell (NY Jets) – The Jets made some great moves this offseason and this could be one of them. Bell no doubt has the talent and RB vision that a small percentage of modern day running backs have but there’s a few things to think about.

Bell isn’t a punch the hole back and this absolutely works with a great O line. The Steelers had a great O line, but this is something the Jets do not yet possess. The Steelers also had a future HOF Quarterback and arguably the best wide receiver in the league to open up the run game and allow the box not to be stacked against Bell. The Jets have a second year QB with a new coach and a lot of question marks. The thing that will save Bell is his receiving game. Adam Gase loves to feed receiving running backs(looking at you Kenyan Drake) and this, in my opinion, will be his only redeeming factor this season.

2019 stats: 750 rushing yards 2 touchdowns, 70 receptions 600 receiving yards 6 touchdowns

Antonio Brown (LV Raiders) – Is it Vegas yet? Well I’m keeping it and I don’t care.

Mr. Big Chest himself is now a Raider. Hard Knocks is going to have a field day with this team since all season there seemed to be terrible dysfunction with Carr and Gruden and now we throw in Browns diva like character and we get a new reality show within a reality show.

This shouldn’t take away from the fact that Antonio Brown was literally an absolute monster last year and deserved the pay day. Brown finished the season with over 1200 yards and 15 touchdowns. The man knows he’s worth the money and he gave up on getting a ring and went for insurance. Good on him.

The problem is, I just do not expect half of what he produced last year(touchdown wise at least) and here’s why.

David Carr is a bit of a wild pitcher at times. Amari Cooper had suffered because of it and while Brown might be able to separate, he might not always have the most accurate passes(to be fair, Big Ben didn’t help with this either). “But, ok, accuracy can be worked on and he has experience, why shouldn’t we expect more of the same?” Running game. Unless Josh Jacobs, Doug Martin, Jalen Richard, or whomever takes the reigns and makes them stack the box or at least cause a distraction, Brown is going to be getting double teamed more than usual. This will account for a lack of targets and a very unhappy Antonio Brown.

Finally? Gruden himself. Ego vs Ego. Never mixes.

2019 stats: 83 receptions 960 yards 6 touchdowns

Odell Beckham JR (CLE Browns) – This one should be fun.

The once loved in NY now hated in NY OBJ is a part of the dawg pound. While Browns fans(like me) are extremely excited, I think this will absolutely lessen his fantasy value.

Look… I still think he’s going to have a hell of a year but hear me out. Baker now has OBJ, Jarvis Landry, Chubb, Njoku, Callaway, And Hunt when he’s off of suspension. The ball is going to be spread around like a hot potato and while OBJ will be getting a ton of receptions, he will also be getting a ton of double teams and distracting the defenders so others will be able to get open.

Then we talk about Freddie Kitchens. Kitchens is a brand new coach with amazing rapport with Baker and seems to have a solid connection with the team but he also has the weight of the world on his shoulders since he has the highest expectations of a head coach since bugs bunny coached and played in the Toon Squad vs Monstars game.

With all that being said I think the emergence of a star is going to happen indeed. But his name is Antonio Callaway.

2019 stats: 88 receptions 1240 yards 5 touchdowns