Long time no type, IAFL fam. With outside life getting more hectic and writing time becoming less available I do apologize but this week is the first week of the playoffs and we are excited to share with you who we think could come in clutch this week in a bind and the rest of the playoffs as depth or a desperation play!

QB – Josh Allen – Amazing matchup against a depleted Jets defense and a solid matchup next week against the Lions, Allen has a good chance to come in clutch(fantasy wise) if you’re in desperate need. His last 2 games he has shown some flashes of brilliance with his legs and decent numbers with his arm(minus the two INTs last week).

QB – Baker Mayfield – I know, he’s already become a starter for a lot of fantasy teams, but let’s put this out there. Baker had his first game last week where he absolutely looked like s rookie. He shook it off and came back very strong and if it wasn’t for his own team shooting itself in the foot he could have had a great comeback day. Baker is a leading candidate for ROTY and is a very viable QB2 with 1 upside going forward.

RB – Nick Chubb – While we are on the the topic of young Browns talent, Nick Chubb has become a top 10 running back right before our eyes. Chubb is averaging 5.3 YPC this season and is still on pace for a 1000 rushing yard season even with playing behind Hyde before he was traded. Chubb has decent matchups these next two weeks but is an absolute must start on Championship weekend as the Browns face the worst rush defense in the league(and the final Hue Jackson game).

RB – Justin Jackson – With Gordon resting his knee and giving anxiety attacks to all of his owners, Justin Jackson should see a ton of work. Austin Eckeler is not meant for the lead back role. He thrives in his position as the change of pace and main receiving option and will continue to be used as such. Jackson will most likely be getting a ton of volume this week and Gordon should be back by next week against the power house Chiefs. Or so we hope.

RB – Jaylen Samuels – This is a trap. I believe he is going to completely split with Stevan Ridley and be used as their goal line back. He will be a cheap DFS option but I believe he will be goal line dependent. Connor should be back next week.

RB – Rashaad Penny – Penny is averaging 5.1 yards per carry this year but with injury and underutilization he has been insanely inconsistent. A tough matchup this week makes him a stash for 2 amazing matchups in a tight spot. Penny could be your saving grace in a desperate position. That is… if he’s healthy.

WR – Kelvin Benjamin – Hear me out. We know he’s “the fat guy ehhhhhh” but he’s also a complete and utter monster and difficult to cover. Especially as a redzone threat. Kelce will always be covered in the redzone and with a lack of running game due to Kareem Hunt possibly ruining his career, Kelvin has a beautiful opportunity to rebrand his name. Kelvin is a stash and watch(and solely a deep league flex use if he gets utilized as I truly believe he will). If not, Chris Conley will continue to shine as Watkins replacement.

WR – Tyler Boyd – Is it the Hue Jackson curse that the Bengals lost their stars to injury or just bad luck? You decide. Regardless, Boyd has been having his best year yet and is still absolutely worth a flier when you’re in a spot. He is about to break 1000 yards receiving and 5 out of the last 6 games he has had 60 yards or over. He is the primary pass catching option for the struggling Bengals(who are about to go through a big overhaul in the coaching department) and has a couple of great matchups these next two weeks. Week 16 he is against Denzel Ward(if healthy) so he may not be an option anymore.

TE – Rob Gronkowski – This is most likely Gronks final year. I know no matter what unless you have Kelce, or Ertz or Ebron(that’s still weird to say) that you aren’t going to bench him but I’d like to shed some reassurance to you Gronk owners. He has been very mindful of his lack of durability lately and has taken great precautions for a great late season/playoff push. Him and Brady have both been removed from the injury report and they BOTH have statistical cash incentives in their contracts for this year. I don’t expect high yardage games from Gronk ROS but I almost guarantee a couple multi touchdown games. Let us all thank Gronk for the memories he gave us in fantasy over the year. Gronk go smash one last time.

TE – Cameron Brate – Brate is one of the highest paid Tight Ends in the league. He was also a backup until Howard went down and it’s starting to show why. Brate over the years has been very reliable and almost guaranteed a touchdown a week. Now, while he still has been a huge redzone threat, he has not be as reliable. With a rematch up week one(minus the PicksPatrick) this could end up being a shoot out again and thus I am predicting a multiple touchdown game for Brate this week. ROS I believe it will be an uphill battle but this week I think he is a safe start. Peyton Barber? Not so much. Saints run D has been absolutely insane.

TE – CJ Uzomah – Much like Tyler Boyd, Uzomah has gotten himself into a situation where he will be looked upon heavily to get through the rest of the season. This week Uzomah(it’s so much fun to say) is up against the Chargers who have been above average against the Tight End but next he is against the Raiders who have been second worst all season and the Browns who have been bottom 10 against the TE all year. Keep an eye on his targets as, if you need him, he should be started next week.

Guys I thank you all so much for a great season. I know we have been a little spotty this year but we had a very successful year regarding picks and grew a great following(especially you lovely guys and gals from Reddit). Any big news or weekly impact plays we will keep up with but we wish you all the best in your playoffs!