So, this week I wanted to try something new.  For our notables article this week I wanted to make it a lot quicker of a read and more to the point.  No matchups, just straight players and explanations of why they are good in a tight spot this week.  Without further adieu, your week 9 article.

Quarterbacks – 

  • Alex Smith – 220 yards passing, 32 running and 1 touchdown – Falcons defense has been something of a concern for the Falcons and with the Redskins running game coming together fine with Peterson it should open up the passing game a ton.
  • Baker Mayfield – 330 yards passing, 14 rushing and 3 touchdowns with 1 Int – You’ll hear it here first.  The Browns with either win this game or lose it by 1 score.  There’s a new energy in Cleveland with the poison being gone and it will be showing.  Baker has been able to put up QB2 numbers the last few weeks but the offensive play calling has been absolutely horrid.  Kansas City’s defense is amongst the worst in the league so this should be a true shootout.
  • Drew Brees – 200 yards passing – This is something we don’t often do but this time we are advising to possibly go a different route this week if you’re relying on Brees.  I have never seen him have so many single digit games in a season and it makes sense since they are not only trying to incorporate 2 RB1 backs but also some trickery with Taysom Hill. Rams defense is also extremely tough this year so I would steer clear if you have another option.
  • Nathan Peterm- Hahaha no no I’m just kidding.

Running Backs – 

  • Duke Johnson – 30 yards rushing, 8 receptions 80 yards receiving 1 receiving touchdown – Oh boy, Johnson owners this is the week.  The running backs coach is the OC, the game should be a scoring fest, and with Hyde gone there is a ton of room for Duke to get the touches and looks he deserves.
  • Austin Ekeler – 23 rushing yards, 6 receptions for 60 yards and 1 receiving touchdown – Gordon may be practicing full but with the hamstring bug hurting big named running back this year the Chargers may elect to keep him on a snap count.  Thus comes in Ekeler.  Even with an OK performance when Gordon was out Ekeler will be still be a huge part of the game strategy this week.
  • Lamar Miller – 94 rushing yards, 13 receiving and 1 rushing touchdown – Denver isn’t great against the run, we know that.  Desean Watson is coming back to his 2017 pre injury self, we also know that.  Lamar Miller is back to being an RB2 with RB1 upside… Do we know that?  Not for sure, but while there’s a hot streak through the air, Miller will benefit. This game may be a blow out.

Wide Receivers – 

  • Demaryius Thomas – 3 receptions, 46 yards and 1 touchdown – I am not expecting a huge game from him with only being on the team for less than a week but I truly think they will incorporate him immediately, especially with Keke out this week.
  • Amari Cooper – 2 receptions 50 yards 1 touchdown – Just like Thomas, I think he will be immediately thrown in there.  I am really only expecting one long touchdown though so, like Thomas, he is a risky play but we are going with our gut here.
  • Kelvin Benjamin – 5 receptions 65 yards – Benjamin is a ppr flier this week solely on the basis that Peterman will need his big bodied receivers to show up big time this game.
  • Chris Conley – 4 receptions 75 yards 1 receiving touchdown – Denzel Ward will be trying to keep up with Hill this game and he has proven to be one of the toughest CB’s in the league.  Conley has been a solid outlet for Mahomes when he’s in a pinch so I expect a nice game for him.

Tight Ends – 

  • Rob Gronkowski – 6 receptions 70 yards and 2 touchdowns – This is the game Gronk goes smash.  It’s been such a long season for Gronk owners since week 1 and this week will be his saving grace.  The matchup of the week will bring prime time Brady to life against the legendary Aaron Rodgers.  Packers defense has not given up a touchdown to the tight end yet this year but they also lost their key Defense Back in Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and this will open up the field.
  • Jordan Thomas – 3 receptions 43 yards and 1 receiving touchdown – Last week Howard had a day.  While Watson is behind the helm, he will continue to be a huge redzone threat.  Howard each week could be a solid fantasy option going forward as long as Griffin doesn’t take any redzone targets from him.
  • Charles Clay – 4 receptions 40 yards and 1 receiving touchdown – If Kelvin can’t do it then it’s all going to come down to Clay as Petermans safety outlet.  Obviously starting any Bills offensive option with Peterman at the helm is as risky as it gets, this could be a nice option in a bind.

So guys I wanted to make this short and to the point.  Which format did you like better?  Matchups or straight to the point fliers for the week?  Let us know!  Like us on Facebook!