IAFL family we are in week 5 of the NFL season and it already seems like we’ve seen enough injuries for the rest of the season.  Hopefully some of these notable players will be able to help you get over the bye week blues and any injuries you may have had happen to your lineup.  If you’re new to the notables articles, what we do is we note players that you possibly wouldn’t normally start and give a prediction as to what they could achieve and why we like them. With that said, let’s get to the picks.

Broncos vs Jets – 

  • Broncos Defense – 11 points – Darnold has been, for lack of a better word, garbage.  I don’t blame him as much as I do the organization for throwing him into the wolves like they did, but with that being said I think Broncos defense(who held the Mahomes in passing touchdowns)will have a day against the rookie.
  • Bilal Powell – 12.5 points – Powell seems to be the best option for the shook rook and should continue to see dump offs and production.  Kareem Hunt tore up the Broncos defense but Crowell is no where near the talent that Hunt is so you should be seeing a ton of dump offs and third down options for Powell.

Packers vs Lions – 

  • Geronimo Allison – 16 points – If he plays(Concussion)he will have a ton of work.  Randall Cobb is out this week and Adams is banged up so Allison may be seeing an absolute ton of work this game.  If he is blanketed by coverage then Graham should have a target festival and could be a top 3 tight end this week.  Allison is starting to become a key player to Rodgers arsenal since Jordy left the team and this could be his breakout game of the season.
  • Kenny Golladay – 13 points – If he’s not in your lineup at minimum a flex, you’re missing out on a high floor high ceiling player.  Golladay has yet to put up a game in PPR that was less than 9 points and will continue this streak as the Lions trio of wideouts still seem to get great production from Stafford.  The Packers defense has surprised a bit this year and could hold Tate but leave Golladay open for some big plays.

Giants vs Panthers – 

  • Odell Beckham Jr – 20 points – But but… he’s a star. Why is he a notable?!  Because if you don’t own OBJ you probably don’t know that he has been absolute garbage for a first round pickup and is getting questioned as to if he should even be started.  This week is the week that all changes.  Carolina has a hard time keeping up with speedy wideouts whilst also stopping a dominant run game.  Giants have one thing going for them and that’s Barkley and they will ground and pound like crazy to open up the pass and get OBJ on a nice slant and run where not even Eric Reid will be able to catch him.  This is the week for OBJ.
  • DJ Moore – 12 points – This rookie has been nothing short of a one week flash in the pan so far but all can change this week.  I believe Funchess will be absolutely blanketed this week and McCaffrey will open it up a bit with some dump offs so that rookie DJ Moore could have his second above average production game of the year.  That being said, ROS it looks very shady until Olsen comes back and opens the field a bit more.

Titans vs Bills – 

  • Derrick Henry – 15 points – My oh my how the mighty have not done anything at all and we hate them for it.  Some of the biggest hype came around this beast of a man and it has been an absolute crap storm if you own him.  He looks as if he has lost all RB vision and could be in the Trent Richardson role pretty soon, but it can all change this week.  I am solely saying this because if he doesn’t happen, he is dead to every owner including the Titans owner.  Bills defense, other than against the Vikings, has been laughable and atrocious.  There is zero reason why he should put up another dud game.

After last weeks article and me praising the train wreck that is Josh Allen(I don’t blame him as much as I do the play calling and lack of weapons), I believe there is literally no one start-able on this team this week.  No one.  Not Shady, not… well there’s literally no one you can even consider other than Shady.

Falcons vs Steelers – 

This game is going to be THE highest scoring game of the year.  I believe that Ryan and Big Ben will both be in the top 4 QB performances of the week and with that said, you are starting your studs(Brown, Connor, Ben, Ryan, Julio, Ridley) with confidence.  Freeman comes back for his first game since week one and should see a healthy amount of work but I believe Coleman will see the majority of passing downs still so Coleman is still worth a flex spot. The only notable I could think of would be Sanu as a FLEX option since he should see plenty of targets in this shootout.

Ravens vs Browns – 

  • Alex Collins – 18 points – As I’ve said almost every week against the Browns, the run defense is pretty terrible.  Lynch had a great game last week and Collins should see a ton of work on the ground and through the air as well.  Collins has been a sore spot for a ton of owners this year due to his lack of second round production but he hasn’t been a complete bust.  This week he should have a fine game.
  • Nick Chubb – Stash – By now we all know that Hyde gets hurt once per season.  By now we also know Chubb has an absolutely explosive style of play but can’t be started yet because Hyde occupies the starting spot.  Chubb will start at one point this year and will be an absolute stud so please, stash him now if you can.
  • Other than that I see this being a relatively low scoring game as both defenses battle it out and Baker shows a bit of a struggle against a tough defense.

Dolphins vs Bengals – 

  • Kenyan Drake – 17 points – This has to happen.  There is literally multiple article absolutely ripping Adam Gase and his decision to use a youth sucking Frank Gore more than their star, Kenyan Drake, and it’s honestly laughable.  If Drake doesn’t get more involved then I would look to trade him or stash him till a coaching change happens.  The Bengals won’t be the easiest game to have your breakout game in but if it doesn’t happen this week, I would not start Drake moving forward until a coaching change happens.  Starting 3-1 is the worst thing to happen to Drake.
  • Tyler Boyd – 16 points – If he’s still a free agent in your leagues then 1. you’re in a very small league or 2. you’re in a terribly daft league.  Boyd has put up pretty consistent performances and with the unsure health of AJ Green, Dalton is making it a point to make Boyd part of each weeks game plan.  The Dolphins defense is still trying to find their pride after last weeks loss so look for a high scoring bout.

Chiefs vs Jaguars – 

  • Chris Conley – 11 points – Each week Conley is getting more and more involved because teams are literally doing everything in their power to stop Hill and Kelce from torching them.  Conley has been a sleeper of ours for a couple of weeks now and while Ramsey will be on Hill all day, Conley should see a ton of targets.
  • DeDe Westbrook – 14 points – Last week it was Keelan Cole when it should’ve been DeDe.  This week it’s the Deeds even though both should have a field day against the worst defense in the league.
  • Blake Bortles – 24 points – Bortles has been a solid play this season in general and this game will be no different.  If you’re not sure about your current starter and you have Bortles, start Bortles.

Raiders vs Chargers – 

Outside of your normal starters there’s no real notables in this matchup.  I believe Cooper will come down to earth a bit this week and Cook will see normal production.  Lynch’s production will really depend on touchdowns this game and Carr will of course throw at least 2 interceptions.  On the Chargers end you’re most likely always starting Gordon and Rivers.  Mike Williams should, again, see more production with Travis Benjamin out and Keenan Allen… oh wait.

  • Keenan Allen – 17.4 points – That’s right!  It is redemption week after all!  The Raiders have not been a scary defense with the departure of Khalil Mack(LOL Gruden)and while Allen has been a bit of a disappointment, this is the week he finally redeems himself.  Allen is a WR1 this week.

Vikings vs Eagles – 

  • Zack Ertz – 21 points – Now, Ertz has been 50/50 so far this season on his production but this week will be his first 20+ showing.  The Vikings defense is NOT as good as we all thought it would be preseason and Wentz seems to be beyond ready to prove that.  With constant drops from Agholor and Jeffrey just getting back, Ertz is going to be a constant target for Wentz and should get the most looks this game.
  • Mike Boone – Wait and See – Cook is a game time decision and that usually means he is not playing.  Murray has been an absolute bust even with the low expectations and this leaves rookie Mike Boone.  Going forward I believe Boone will be seeing majority of the snaps when Cook is out but this should be no more than a handcuff as Cook is still leading the league in yards after contact but his O-line just can’t seem to give him a break.

Rams vs Seahawks – 

  • Mike Davis – 9 points – If Carson is fully healthy and back then Davis should only see about 20-30% of the snaps.  Penny I once thought would be used a lot more but has proven he is not ready yet.  Davis had a very nice showing next week and Caroll loves backup running backs taking over for their starters(oh hey, Christine Michael).  Unless Carson gets hurt, Davis shouldn’t see that much work this week but down the road I think Davis will be a huge part of this struggling offense.

If you have someone on the Rams you’re starting them.  Other than Higbee and their interim kicker, you ARE starting anyone on the Rams offense.  Cooks is a solidified WR1, Kupp is a solidified WR2 with 1 upside, Woods is a WR2, Gurley is an RB1 and Goff is a QB1.  This team will go to the Superbowl this year barring any major injuries.

Cowboys vs Texans – 

  • Keke Coutee – 10.6 points – I already know I am not the only analyst that likes Keke, and I refuse to refer his name to that terribly overused joke.  But Bruce Ellington being out for the year with a hamstring injury(he tore his hamstring years ago and it seems to still be a problem)opens the door for this rookie and he could be a huge threat and target for Watson.  Cowboys defense will most likely get lit up against a re-emerging Texans offense.

Other than Zeke I still do not trust anyone weekly on the Cowboys to start.  Michael Gallup is worth monitoring as each game he is getting more and more looks, but I do not see great fantasy output from this offense.

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