Ladies and Gents we have officially gotten into bye weeks.  With some of your studs inactive thanks to the bye we have some great starts that you can plug in to replace them.  Let’s get started.

Texans vs Colts:

  • Eric Ebron – 10 points – With Jack Doyle being out yet again, Ebron, as long as his injuries don’t keep him out this week, should absolutely benefit from Doyle’s absence.  The interim tight ends are not worth rostering if Ebron does not play.

Only 4 Texans are worth rostering(Watson, Hopkins, Fuller and Miller) and are obviously worth starting.  With Ellington out for the year there are no real sleepers I would go out of my way to start this week on the Texans.

Bills vs Packers:

  • Aaron Jones – 14 points – Jones is the true running back for the Packers and that’s without question.  The Bills seemed to have had the Vikings number last week but they may come crashing down to earth on defense against the best quarterback in the league.  Expect Jones to get a ton of carries this week.
  • Josh Allen – 23 points – Wow.  That’s all we can really say about Allens performance last week.  That and spectacular. This game should end up being a complete shoot out so I expect Allen to not only get some things going in the air but also with his feet.

Buccaneers vs Bears:

  • Chris Godwin – 15 points – If you aren’t starting Godwin in at least your flex while Beardpatrick is on a tear, you’re missing out on solid numbers.  He has some terrible drops(in the ENDZONE for one)but he is a target machine.  While Fitz is still on fire, this may be the last game, Godwin will be a force.
  • Trey Burton – 14 points – This is the week you’ve been waiting for Burton owners.  Tampa absolutely sucks against the tight end and this week will be no different.  Trubisky will be giving the most targets to his safety blanket this week and Burton should have a hell of a day.

Dolphins vs Patriots:

  • Kenny Stills – 12 points – I am basing Stills performance solely on how bad the Pats defense has been against the wideouts.  This game should end up having Miami down early so Stills should have a ton of deep threats.
  • Kenjon Barner – Watch and see – Barner was recently re-signed to the Patriots and the Pats love making a no name into a star, even if it’s for a week(looking at you Jonas Gray).  Wait and see how they utilize him because although they drafted Michel high, Bill Belichek seriously does not give a crap.

Lions vs Cowboys:

  • Lions Defense – 9 points – Even though they had a terrible week one, they are showing that losing is not in their defensive mentality.  The Cowboys look as lackluster as they could and I think Dak will have a very tough week against them.

Currently there are no players on the Cowboys I would consider sleepers.  I currently believe the only startable player is Zeke at this moment.

Bengals vs Falcons:

  • Tyler Eifert – 22 points – Guys… I know.  I know you’ve been waiting for the touchdown tiger to come back.  This is the week he returns to his prominence and puts up the week you’ve been waiting for.  Eiferts targets have been climbing and climbing and although it seems to be a 3 headed dragon at tight end, Eifert will be coming out on top this week.
  • Austin Hooper – 11 points – Last week we had Ridley being a safer start(we did not expect the explosion).  This week we are pumping the brakes a bit and instead going with their reliable Tight end Austin Hooper.  Hooper is a favorite redzone target of Matty Ice’s and should find the endzone this week.

Jets vs Jaguars:

  • Bilal Powell – 12 points – Besides Enunwa starting as a WR3/Flex, you really don’t have many more options for the Jets.  Crow is hit or miss, Robby Anderson has digressed(But we think will come back and have an amazing second half of the season), and Darnold has been completely thrown to the wolves.  Powell is the safest bets for dump offs and all passing downs which should be plentiful.
  • Keelan Cole – 18 points – “But Cole isn’t a sleeper anymore what the hell, man.” Yeah his name may be known but he’s truly had only 1 great game so far this season.  This should end up being Cole’s breakout game and he will be solidified as a WR2 with 1 upside(as long as Bortles doesn’t… you know… suck).

Eagles vs Titans:

  • Wendell Smallwood – 10.3 points – Smallwood is the only healthy back on the team and should see a ton of work even with Ajayi coming back from a Mike Tyson styled broken back, and Corey Clement being there although his leg injury is still lingering.
  • Corey Davis – 15 points – As long as Mariota can get things going, Davis is the ONLY person that should be getting targets other than Lewis.  The Titans are paper thin at receivers from losing Walker to injury and Matthews to contract issues. If Davis doesn’t have a good day tomorrow then I am giving up on him.

Browns vs Raiders:

  • David Njoku – 13.2 points – With Baker behind the helm they have been doing some Oklahoma University plays which include a ton of work to the tight end.  Njoku is a physical freak and should absolutely take advantage of the targets given to him.
  • Marshawn Lynch – 18 points – I am not a Lynch fan and I truly think the Browns have the best defense in the league right now, but their run defense is lackluster.  It’s a passing league now and they have focused on shutting down the pass as opposed to the run and it shows.  Every running back has had a nice game against the Browns so far and it won’t be different for Lynch.

Seahawks vs Cardinals:

  • Will Dissly – 12 points – Did I not say it would be the week of the tight end? Dissly has been a very surprising up and comer and even with Baldwin back I think he will continue to bring in targets.  Especially since Peterson will be on Baldwin and Lockett.
  • Ricky Seals-Jones – 14 points – I mean… C’mon.  Rookie QB with a very rough offensive line.  Other than dump offs to David Johnson and some safety throws to Fitz, he is going to be looking to his safety blanket constantly.

Saints vs Giants:

  • Ted Ginn Jr – 13.6 points – Going with Ginn again as the team doesn’t have many sleepers and the Giants are actually pretty damn good at stopping star wideouts so Michael Thomas could have a hard day.  Ginn should see a ton of work.
  • Sterling Shepard – 20 points – Oh, and the SAME EXACT THING with the Saints.  Last week the Saints held Julio Jones to 96 yards and 5 receptions.  Ok, yes, that is still a solid line but it’s not what you expect from a top 3 wideout. OBJ might have some trouble and I expect Shepard to have a complete DAY tomorrow.

49ers vs Chargers:

  • Michael Williams – 16 points – We loved him last week and we love him this week.  Great matchup, great rookie, great day.
  • George Kittle – 11 points – Ok.  Jimmy G is out, we know this.  Beathard was roommates with Kittle in college, did you know that?  This is a telling week to see how the rest of the season will go but I think Kittle should be fine moving forward.

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