It’s finally here!  Week one of the NFL season is upon us and even with a mediocre game last night we are excited for a fun filled Sunday!  As you remember, our notable articles reflect players that you may not consider starting or could be cheap options in DFS.  With that said, let’s go to the matchups!

Steelers vs Browns – 

Steelers Notables –

  • James Connor – 16 points

With Bell not committing to the Steelers yet, Connor will be the bellcow.  He has shown last year and this preseason that he is capable of being that guy for the Steelers and it should show against an improved, but still beatable Browns front 7.  Vance will be the Steelers primary redzone option and has above average athleticism for a Tight End.

Browns Notables –

  • Antonio Callaway – 12 points
  • Carlos Hyde – 11.5 points

Callaway is now the primary returner for the Browns and with his speed no one can argue that he has a great chance of taking a few back this year.  With Gordon not starting, Callaway will look to make a name for himself right out the gate.  Hyde may be aging but this preseason has proven that he still has a ton left in the tank.  The Browns may be looking to open up with a ground and pound style offense and this would be a great defense to try it against.

Bengals vs Colts – 

Bengals Notables –

  • John Ross – 12 points
  • Giovani Bernard – 9 points

The Colts defense is by far the worst in the league and the speed of John Ross will exploit it at least once this game for a long touchdown.  Gio should have a decent game since he is the primary receiving option for the Bengals and should see a ton of drop offs.

Colts Notables –

Honestly I do not expect much from the Colts at all.  I think this could end up being a blow out and I would be wary starting anyone other than TY Hilton(even then i’d be wary)this game because Luck has not played in a regular season game in over a year.  I truly hope I am proved wrong as I believe Luck to be a great talent.

Bills vs Ravens – 

Bills Notables –

  • Charles Clay – 10 points

With Nathan Peterman under helm I get flashbacks to his first start.  I truly believe not much has improved and this may be his only game starting this year.  Shady could possibly spark the offense but without a passing game I don’t see the Bills scoring much.

Ravens Notables –

  • John Brown – 13 points

Brown has speed, and a redzone presence.  A nice combo for a strong armed Quarterback.  Expect a few deep connections for Brown and a few redzone looks on slants.

Buccaneers vs Saints – 

Buccaneers Notables –

  • OJ Howard – 12.6 points

Fitzpatrick LOVES Howard and for good reason.  He is athletic and knows how to get open so expect nice production from Howard as long as Fitz is under center.

Saints Notables –

  • Mike Gillislee – 11 points

Newly signed and taking over the Mark Ingram role for the time being I believe Gillislee could vulture a ton of touchdowns.  The Buccs have a much improved front 7 but the constant passing attack and Kamara gassing them, Gillislee could see great production.

Texans vs Patriots – 

You know what you’re getting from both teams for this game and I think this could be a shootout.  I’d stay away from any running backs in New England as the Texans defense is lead by JJ Watt and a stout front 7, plus no one ever knows what back will perform for the Patriots each week.  If Watson continues from where he left off last year he could really light up the Patriots defense and have a fantasy day for himself and his teammates.

49ers vs Vikings – 

49ers Notables –

  • George Kittle – 12 points
  • Matt Brieda – 14 points

McKinnon is out for the season and Morris still doesn’t know the whole playbook yet so Brieda is going to look to take over the starting job and prove he is worth it.  Vikings defense is amongst the best in the league so expect more points coming from receiving for Brieda than rushing.  Garret Celek may be listed as the starter on the 9ers but Kittle is the real receiving option for Garappollo and that connection will introduce itself this game.  Not expecting a ton of yards from Kittle but definitely a ton of redzone targets.

Vikings Notables –

  • Latavius Murray – 10 points

Cook is the number one as he should be, but the Vikings have stated that they are looking to split carries more with him and Murray and it makes sense.  Murray is still pretty young and fast as can be so why shouldn’t he get involved a bit more, especially to take some pressure off the knees(so to speak)of their future star.  The 9ers run defense the last few years has been pretty awful so unless huge changes were made I think both could have a great game.

Titans vs Dolphins – 

Titans Notables –

  • Derrick Henry – 14 points
  • Dion Lewis – 11.5 points

This could be a field day for the Titans running backs core and I think we will get a taste of the 2 headed monster immediately.  Henry will over power and Lewis will finesse and finagle his way around a lacking Dolphins defense.

Dolphins Notables –

  • Kenyan Drake – 16 points

Honestly, Drake is the only player on the Dolphins roster that I would own right now.  His polarizing finish to the season last year and his lack of competition make him a bonafide starter and his volume should be very high.

Jaguars vs Giants – 

Jaguars Notables –

  • Keelan Cole – 13 points

With the loss of Marqise Lee for the rest of the year, the Jaguars are looking for one of their guys to step up.  Cole seems to be the front runner and should see a ton of work this game as it could be a shootout.

Giants Notables –

  • Eli Manning – 22 points

Like I said before I truly believe this could be a shootout and the weapons that Eli has now that they are all healthy is incredible.  I think this could be Eli’s final year on the Giants and the NFL in general and I truly believe he’s going to start it off with a bang.

Chiefs vs Chargers – 

Cheifs Notables –

  • Patrick Mahomes – 20 points

Mahomes is hot and cold with me.  I love his arm and gunslinger attitude, but I fear for his accuracy and youth.  He has the weapons and the coach to be a success and I think it will start off a bit sloppy but in the end I think Mahomes will end up having a day.

Chargers Notables –

  • Philip Rivers – 18.7 points

Most of you already know he’s going to be started in most leagues and he will usually always put up decent numbers, but I truly think this could end up being a showdown of youth vs age and though it might end in a Rivers patented comeback pick, he should put up a decent stat line.

Cowboys vs Panthers – 

Cowboys Notables –

  • Cole Beasley – 10.4 points

The Beasles is going to be the number one target for Dak and I have 0 doubt in my mind.  He will be looking to him as much as possible so be sure to have him at least in your flex in PPR.  He’s not much of a touchdown receiver but his receptions will be there in bunches.

Panthers Notables –

  • Devin Funchess – 13 points

While I don’t think Funchess is a superstar I do believe he is more than meets the eye.  He is a big body and a 50/50 ball threat so watch for the deep balls and redzone targets against a poor defense.

Redskins vs Cardinals – 

Redskins Notables –

  • Josh Doctson – 14 points
  • Adrian Peterson – 14 points

Doctson needs to put up for shut up.  It’s truly his time and I think he can develop a great chemistry with Alex Smith, even against a tough Cardinals secondary.  While on the running end I believe Peterson is in for 15-20 rushes so expect yards but vultures from Kelley and receptions from Thompson stealing the rest of his productivity.

Cardinals Notables –

  • Christian Kirk – N/A

So, I wanted to list Kirk solely because he should be on your radars.  After Fitz there isn’t any standouts in Arizona for wide out and while Kirk may not be starting this week I think he should be seeing some work and is worth keeping an eye on.  A rookie that isn’t starting is very tough for me to predict points for.

Seahawks vs Broncos – 

Seahawks Notables –

  • Chris Carson – 10 points

Penney was drafted and brought in in hopes to be the running back that the Hawks have been looking for.  In turn, he has been mediocre at best and did not earn the starting job.  Carson should see a ton of volume so expect a decent line but not amazing as Broncos defense is still pretty darn good.

Broncos Notables –

  • Royce Freeman – 15 points

Freeman in my eyes is a stud.  He outplayed Booker and deserves to be the number one on this squad.  In the open field it’s almost a sure thing that he will take it so if he gets the chance you will not be disappointed.  He is also an amazingly cheap option in DFS.

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