It’s the last two weeks of regular season fantasy play(for most leagues)and it has truly turned into crunch time.  We are here to best assist you for your pushes into the playoffs and get you a championship!  Here are your notables:

Browns vs Jags – 

Notables:  Corey Coleman, 14 points.  Marquise Lee, 16 points.

Most are picking this game to be a complete blow out but I truly think this is going to come down to the final quarter and will end up being a shoot out.  Kizer showed last week that he has the talent when needed to make a good push, and with a weapon in Corey Coleman coming back and a running game emerging again, this could be the spark he was looking for.  Marquise lee has been nothing short of spectacular with the Jags wide receiving corps in shambles.  I see much of the same going forward.

Buccaneers vs Dolphins – 

Notables: Cameron Brate, 10 points. Jarvis Landry, 18 points. Doug Martin, 15 points.

With the Buccaneers “groping” at straws(haha)to try and turn this season into something, they are relying on the unpredictable arm of Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Muscle Hamster Doug Martin as well.  Martin has showed nothing of worth as of late but it’s understandable when the boxes are absolutely stacked against him.  He has been receiving a ton of volume though so it should open up soon.  Brate has been insanely quiet as late but has a great opportunity against a lackluster Dolphins defense.  Landry has been the only real bright spot of this Dolphins offense and will most likely have a great game against one of the worst pass defenses in the league.

Ravens vs Packers – 

Notables: Danny Woodhead, 14 points.  Jamaal Williams, 12 points.

Danny Woodhead is finally back from the IR and some believe he will be eased into his role where we think he will be absolutely thrust right back into it.  Buck Allen is droppable is most redraft formats as of late since Alex Collins has taken over his duties.  Jamaal Williams will be the bellcow since Aaron Jones and Ty Montgomery are both out this week.  Expect a ton of volume and goal line looks.

Lions vs Bears – 

Notables: Golden Tate, 16 points PPR.

Golden Tate is a complete PPR monster and as long as Stafford plays how he is capable of playing, he should see plenty.  Marvin Jones came back down to earth last week as Kenny Golladay returned and saw most of Jones targets.  We aren’t a big fan of anyone on the Bears offensive side as the Lions defense has been more than capable of shutting down opposing offenses but you obviously need to start Jordan Howard based on volume alone.

Rams vs Vikings – 

Notables: Latavius Murray, 11.5 points. Sammy Watkins, 16 points.

The two headed dragon that is now Murray and McKinnon are making this Vikings offense a complete power house.  We believe that both backs are startable against the worst run defense in the league but Murray should see the goal line work.  Sammy Watkins is due for a big game and we think this will be it.  It’s not the easiest matchup but this week is a huge test for the new and improved Jared Goff and he will rely on his stars.

Cardinals vs Texans – 

Notables: Cardinals DS/T, 10 points. Bruce Ellington, 12 points PPR.

Bruce Ellington is a name not many really know of or pay much attention to but with Tom Savage being as slow in the pocket as me in a foot race against a cheetah, he will be looking for his speedy slot guys(especially since Fuller is inactive)and Ellington seems to be a favorite target of his.  Cardinals defense has been anything but what we have expected and this week will be a nice matchup to boost their confidence.  We are predicting that Patrick Peterson takes one to the house this week.

Chiefs vs Giants – 

Notables: Orleans Darkwa, 14 points.

If you haven’t rostered Darkwa yet, you must be in a very small league because even without touchdowns he has been producing like crazy.  His YPC is 4.5 and 705 yards on only 156 carries means he’s on pace for over 1k yards this season and a lone bright spot, other than budding start Evan Engram, on this Giants offense.  The Chiefs offense will look to decimate the Giants completely awful defense quickly and swiftly so I would not be surprised if Charcandrick West sees 10 carries this game.

Redskins vs Saints – 

Notables: Saints DS/T, 8 points.  Chris Thompson, 18 points.

We never thought that Saints defense would be featured as a notable but we thought wrong, as they have been outstanding as of late and will look to continue, even against a hot Kirk Cousins.  Chris Thompson is the lead back with Kelley going on IR and Perine should see plenty of work but no one is going out of their way to start him as he has been nothing short of disappointing.

Bills vs Chargers – 

Whilst Tyrod Taylor is blaming the loss of his job because of his race instead of performance, Nathan Peterman will look to solidify his job and possibly his career as a Bill starting this week.  While it is risky starting anyone on the Bills side going in blind, I can see the rookie finding his new big wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin as much as possible.  The Chargers offense has been a well oiled machine and are fighting for a playoff spot and aren’t stopping for a stalling Bills team.  Tyrod, if you’re listening… watch the tape, bud.

Bengals vs Broncos – 

Notables: Emmanuel Sanders, 14 points PPR. Joe Mixon, 11.7 points.

Joe Mixon has been pretty blaze’ so to speak so far but will continue to get the continued volume he has been getting with Jeremy Hill on IR.  Broncos defense is getting exhausted picking up the slack of the offense and it truly is starting to show.  The few bright spots are the receiving corps with Sanders and Thomas showing that they still want to win and the 3 headed puppy(can’t say monster because no one really knows what the deal is)in the backfield comprised of Booker, Anderson, and Charles.

Patriots vs Raiders – 

Notables: James White, 16 points PPR. Marshawn Lynch, 10.4 points.

It’s no secret that James White has turned into the back to own in New England and especially for PPR as the wide receiving corps for the Patriots is as beat up as a banana at your local farmers market.  Look for the check downs and especially around the redzone.  Lynch had his best game of the season last game before the Raiders bye and will look to piggy back off of his last performance against a very beatable Patriots defense.  Watch Beastmode go for 60 and a score with a fumble thrown in there.


With the regular season coming to a close we want to thank all of our followers so much for sticking with us!