It’s week 10, can you believe only 3 weeks left of regular season? It’s getting down to crunch time and these next few weeks could make or break your playoff chances.

Jets vs Buccaneers –

Notables: Josh McCown, 20 points. Doug Martin, 13 points.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is starting. The Buccs defense has been awful. McCown could be considered an MVP candidate. I would be shocked if the Jets DIDNT win this game.

Saints vs Bills –

Notables: Charles Clay, 10 points.

This is Kelvin Benjamin’s debut but he’s going against a tough Saints passing defense. Never thought I’d say that… so with Clay coming back off injury he should see plenty of opportunity as the safety outlet for check downs. As long as Tyrod doesn’t sleep for 3 quarters like last week, this could be an interesting game.

Browns vs Lions –

Notables: Lions defense, 12 points.

The poor browns haven’t a chance against a stout Lions defense. Crowell is coming off his best game of the season and I do think he’s going to have a better second half of the season but not this week.

Bengals vs Titans –

Notables: Joe Mixon, 14 points.

With Jeremy Hill going on the IR, Mixon is the bonafide workhorse and will have a great opportunity to continue his work against the Titans run down defense. This game could end up being a shootout so also keep your eye on Corey Davis.

Packers vs Bears –

Notables: Aaron Jones, 15 points. Tarik Cohen, 9 points.

Hundley is not capable of bringing the Packers to the playoffs and they know it. They know that the playoffs aren’t going to happen, so why not see exactly what you have in RB Aaron Jones? He has only had 2 bad games and that’s because of their utilization of him. He should see a bounce back this week as should Cohen. The Bears need to utilize the check downs more often for this rookie QB.

Chargers vs Jaguars –

Notables: Marquise Lee, 12 points. Hunter Henry, 9 points.

Jaguars have a chance of being division leaders this year since their division has been devastated by injuries and they have a rookie of the year candidate in their backfield. The Chargers not so much but still end up putting up great points. Lee has been Bortles favorite end zone target since Robinson was placed on IR and should see plenty of opportunity against a beatable Chargers defense.

Vikings vs Redskins –

Notables: Chris Thompson, 16. Jerick McKinnon, 16 points.

Vikings run defense is one of the best in the league and Kelley should be stuffed for most of it so watch for checkdowns for Thompson all game. McKinnon has been on fire since Cook went down and that could be attributed to the much improved offensive line and should see a ton of work against a beatable Redskins defense.

Steelers vs Colts –

This is going to be one of Lev Bells best games of the season. Colts defense is obliterated with injuries and overall lack of talent and the Steelers should be up early. Brisset may have a decent fantasy day because he will have to play from behind for most of the game so he has a QB2 chance this week.

Texans vs Rams –

Notables: Lamar Miller, 17 points.

Rams run defense has been extremely beatable and Miller has been seeing the bulk of the work on the offense in general since Savage seems to be useless behind center. The Rams are amongst the best in the league and should have no problem beating the Texans this week.

Giants vs 49ers –

This is the game of disappointing seasons. 9ers fans didn’t expect much and they got that in return. Garappolo isn’t being played till after the bye so Giants defense seems like a great start this week as well as Orleans Darkwa. He has emerged as the best back on the Giants and should have a monster game against the worst run defense in the league.

Cowboys vs Falcons –

Zekes out, which back will take the reigns. The hot hand will and I still believe that will be McFadden. All reports say differently but I believe he has the most talent and speed in that backfield. Matt Ryan is showing exactly what he is, a serviceable quarterback that had an MVP season and that’s it. With Freeman off the injury report, the offense should see a little more strength and could be a little too powerful for the Cowboys beatable defense.