Thursday was Christmas Eve and Sunday is Christmas Day.  Week 1 of the NFL is the most unpredictable turn of events in any sport but is also some of the most fun events.  Last year we instituted the weekly Sunday articles with “Notables”, this year we are trying something new and hopefully better to help you win your leagues and daily fantasy.  Within each game there will still be notables but instead of a DFS draft price there will be predicted fantasy numbers.  This of course is a lot more risky on our end but also gives our IAFL family the best possible thoughts on whom to start that you wouldn’t normally(other than the definite starts) and who gets a comfy seat on the bench.  The scoring will be half point PPR scoring. Without further adieu, here is your week 1 analysis:


Jets vs Bills –

Notables:  Zay Jones 9.5 points, Robby Anderson 10 points, Charles Clay 12 points

So of course you are going to start Shady and possibly Tyrod against the Jets absolutely atrocious defense.  The primary benefactors other than them should be veteran tight end Charles Clay whom should have the most receptions on the day and Zay Jones since Tyrod loves throwing complete bombs to speedy receivers and take credit for the 80 yard bomb and not the interceptions that may ensue.

Jaguars vs Texans –

Notables:  Tom Savage 12 points

So I couldn’t really think of any others that you wouldn’t be starting already.  This may be the toughest opening game for a rookie all year since Fournette has to go against JJ Watt and a very stout Texans defense.  Savage is no saving grace but he is a pure pocket passer and the Jaguars defense is anything but intimidating.  Savage has the weapons around him, this is a game he can truly get his feet wet and confidence up.  Or it could all go terribly wrong for him.

Steelers vs Browns –

Notables:  Corey Coleman 13.5 points, David Njoku 10 points.

No Garrett means Bell is absolutely going to destroy this run defense which in turn means the Browns will be throwing in heaps.  Hue Jackson loves having a capable tight end and that is what he has in the highly talented Njoku, who should be a safety valve for rookie Deshone Kizer.  Corey Coleman will look to shake off the bad juju of last seasons injury mishaps and get in the endzone this weekend.  Other than that, the passing game for the Steelers should start out very hot and then take a back seat toward the second half unless this, by some miracle, turns into a close game.

Cardinals vs Lions –

Notables:  Eric Ebron 14 Points, Kenny Golladay(watch and see).

We already know I got burned by one rookie on Thursday when I said wait and see and it truly could happen again with Golladay, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable telling you to start a rookie against a great secondary.  In Ebrons case, while he’s healthy he is a viable option at TE and with Honey Badger and Peterson concentrating more on the play of Tate and Marvin Jones Jr, Ebron should see some great opportunities and especially in the red zone.

Falcons vs Bears –

Notables:  Kevin White 10 points

This may very well be the biggest blow out of the week.  I gave White only 10 points projected solely because knowing him he can have an amazing 80 yard bomb and then right before he hits the goal line he falls and clutches his knee.  If healthy, White could be an absolute star in this league, but we have yet to see what he is actually truly capable of.  White could easily have a breakout game since they will be throwing throughout most of the game but it all depends on the QB play of Glennon and Whites brittle body.

Raiders vs Titans –

With this game there isn’t anyone you wouldn’t already start.  This could be an absolute shootout and have some of the most exciting fantasy moments this week.  Derek Carr will look to get back to form after his broken leg and make Cooper and Crabtree look like the talented studs they are and give Lynch some great goal line opportunities.  Mariota will look to continue to impress everyone after his torn acl(IT IS THE BATTLE OF THE BROKEN LEGS!)and let Corey Davis come to his own and allow Demarco Murray to get great running opportunities.

Ravens vs Bengals –

Notables:  Danny Woodhead 13.5 points, Joe Mixon 12 points.

I really really wanted to put Mixon higher but the Ravens defense is insanely tough.  I really think you are going to see Mixon carry the bulk of the load regardless of Hill starting.  For any past Hill owners, you already know what to expect from him.  Woodhead is an absolute PPR dream and with the Bengals D missing some key players, Woodhead could see amazing opportunites.  West will be the bell cow but Woodhead will pick up all the slack.

Eagles vs Redskins –

Notables:  Jamison Crowder 16 points, Wendell Smallwood(watch and see)

In my eyes, Blount does not fit the system in Philly at all.  This gives Scrappy Doo himself(Smallwood)plenty of opportunity to win the starting job for himself.  Carson Wentz reminds me of a mixture of Peyton Manning and Alex Smith.  Field general with high % passing and a chip on his shoulder, Smallwood is the type of back that relies on guidance and Wentz is great for him.  Crowder will be Cousins favorite target this year since Reed will get hurt again and Pryor will see the bulk of the coverage so I’d expect a taste of whats to come this season in their opener.

Colts vs Rams –

Notables: Cooper Kupp(watch and see), Donte Moncrief 15 points.

Tolzien will try to throw some big passes to TY but majority of his passes should go to the sure hands of Moncrief.  I expect at least 5 receptions and a redzone touchdown for the injury prone veteran.  Cooper Kupp seems to be a lot of analysts favorites and for good reason.  Kupp has shown in the preseason and practices that, when healthy, he is a huge weapon for the struggling Goff and with Watkins still learning the playbook Kupp can use this time to earn his spot.

Panthers vs 49ers –

Notables:  Brian Hoyer 20 points, Jonathan Stewart 9 points.

I believe we will see a very similar split with McCaffrey and Stewart as you saw with Hunt and West.  Stewart is still a more than capable runner and should be seeing bulk of the goal line looks.  Hoyer is my highest projected player in this whole article for one reason and one reason only; he’s solid.  Look at his stats last season before breaking his arm on yet another crappy team: 6 touchdowns 0 interceptions and over 1400 yards.  He may not have the best win loss record but in fantasy he absolutely knows what to do.

Seahawks vs Packers –

Notables:  Eddie Lacy 14 points

Fat Eddie, much like myself, can’t seem to stop eating.  Unlike me, he is getting paid to make weight.  Weight aside, even when heavy he has looked as light footed as ever and is a proven force on the football field.  With Rawls always on the down and down due to injury, Lacy should take over the bulk of the workload and be the teams number one back.


IAFL family we are so happy to be back in full swing and are ready to answer any and all questions on our Facebook page and email!

Joseph Bua is the Owner and Head Writer for IAFL.